Secure Backup Services for Enterprise Workloads

Secure Data Protection by SCC delivers managed, scalable and secure backup as a service for server, database and application workloads across a variety of infrastructure platforms. The service provides peace of mind that critical data is retained for retrieval in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Secure Data Protection

Data Protection traditionally is a tedious and time consuming task, often prone to errors. But it is absolutelly essential for every organisation.

Purchasing Secure Data Protection Services via the Cloud gives you total peace of mind that your data is secure, and our flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing structure means you will only ever pay for what you consume.

Secure Data Protection by SCC gives you choice. We understand your data and deliver solutions that strike a balance between security, cost and control. Provided as a fully managed service we provide off-site backups without costly third party tape storage costs, and without the involvement of your IT resource.

Key Benefits:

• Fully managed backup infrastructure;

•High levels of security and availability;

• Multi-platform support including:

  • Plublic and Vend-Tenant Cloud.
  • Private Cloud.
  • Customer Infrastructure.

• SCC SME expertise backed up by vendor support;

• Best practices processes based on the ITIL industry framework standards.

What is included:

  • Fully managed backup infrastructure platform
  • Configuration and management of backup schedules
  • Monitoring of infrastructure and backup schedules
  • Agent and agentless backup options
  • Offsite data replication for enhanced protection

Offerings & Options:

Remote Backup–  Remote Backup removes the need for you to manage your own backup, with a simple, cost-efficient solution. Your servers are backed up over a secure Internet connection, or via dedicated connectivity to our Enterprise class backup solution. Remote Backup replaces the complexity os systems, software, process and integration activities normally associated with the management of backup solutions with a simple service designed to automate, deliver. store and report on critical activities.

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Hosted Backup–  Hosted Backup also removes the need for you to manage your own backup, via a common, Data Centre-wide solution, irrespective of your hosting choice. Your servers are backed up over our Data Centre management network to our Enterprise class backup solution. Hosted Backup removes the complexity of old backup solutions, aging systems and expensive software, and introduces standardised processes.

Data Retention–  Secure Data Protection by SCC provided a selection of data retention periods, designed to meet the differing requirements of your workloads. From two weeks to seven years, our services are designed for every workload, from test and development through to critical business applications with regulatory retention requirements.

Supported Operating Systems:

The service supports operating system level backups on the following operating systems, please contact SCC if your chosen operating system is not listed to discuss compatibility.

  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Oracle)
  • IBM AIX (System P)
  • Oracle Solaris

Supported Hypervisor Solutions

The service supports hypervisor level backups on the following hypervisors, pleasecontact SCC if your chosen hypervisor is not listed to discuss compatibility.

  • VMware vSphere
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Supported Database & Applications

The service supports application level backups on the following applications and databases, please contact SCC if your chosen application technology is not listed to discuss compatibility.

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • SAP

Service Levels

The Service is available in four Service Levels:

  • Basic- Two weeks’ data retention
  • Standard- Three months’ data retention
  • Enhanced- One year data retention
  • Extended Enhanced- Seven years’s data retention

Associated Services

The following SCC services can be provided to a ccompany the Operating System Management service. Please contact SCC for further details.

Cloud+ Servers- Multi-tenant and dedicated private cloud and utility compute services.

Universal Cloud Gateway- Cloud analysis, analytics and multi-cloud provisioning and management.

Managed WAN- MPLS and leased line services to provide secure high bandwidth connectivity to SCC’s datacentres and cloud platforms.

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We enable people to do business by planning, supplying, integrating and managing their IT. We make IT work through partnership, knowledge and passion: trusted to run IT infrastructure and services for leading business across Europe for 40years.

SCC has invested more than £60m in Data Centre & Cloud services, the principal piece of our end-to-end Managed Services proposition.

Our cloud Credentials:

  • 1.800 high capacity Tier 3+racks;
  • Networked presence in 18 Data Centres nationally;
  • 20 Mw of power to SCC owned DCs;
  • Cloud based virtual servers >1.200;
  • Cloud based Storage >600Tb.